Historic Milestone in Ecuador: Constitutional Court Recognizes Individual Animals as Subjects of Rights Protected by the Rights of Nature

Macarena Montes and Kristen Stilt explain how the case of a single woolly monkey in Ecuador turned into a historic milestone for the rights of animals and set a new standard for environmental law. On February 4, 2022, the Constitutional Court of Ecuador issued its ruling in the case of Estrellita, a woolly monkey (Lagothrix…

Introducing the first German Climate Clinic

By Hannah Foehr. The Climate Clinic offers free legal guidance on climate-related issues. In what ways a voluntary association can contribute to making our future a more sustainable one will be expanded on in the following.

Taking the World Lawyers’ Climate Pledge to the UK Supreme Court

Tim Crosland, Director, Plan B.Earth. On 18th October, Tim Crosland’s appeal will be heard before the UK Supreme Court, concerning his conviction for contempt of Court. Tim Crosland explains why he is relying on the Pledge in his appeal.

Protecting Future Generations: A Global Survey of Legal Academics and Implications for Climate Change Law

By Suzanne Van Arsdale. In a recent survey, legal academics were asked whether the law can help to protect future generations. They responded that it can. Suzanne Van Arsdale considers the implications for the use of the law to tackle the climate crisis.

It’s Time to Recognise the Right to a Healthy Environment

By Tom Sparks. HRC48 has the opportunity to recognise the right to a healthy environment. The Lawyers’ Climate Pledge supports the call.

World Lawyers’ Pledge on Climate Action: An Urgent Call for Climate Mainstreaming

By Saskia Stucki, Guillaume Futhazar, Tom Sparks, Erik Tuchtfeld & Hannah Foehr The world is facing climate emergency, one of a series of overlapping and mutually reinforcing environmental crises. In 2017, more than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries signed the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity, urging the world to take immediate action against the current…