Lead Signatories

The Lead Signatories of the Pledge participated in its drafting by providing insights from their respective fields. They are representative of the diversity of lawyers across the globe.

Prof Bruce Ackerman

Professor of Law and Political Science, USA

Dr Fatou Bensouda

Former Chief Prosecutor of The International Criminal Court (2012-2021)

“For far too long, human conduct aimed at the destruction of our natural environment has been passively tolerated. Today, as we witness in dismay how floods, hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions destroy lives and communities, it is time that we react to the current climate crisis and that we target its root causes with the same determination that we have shown in the struggle against impunity for international crimes. We should promote climate justice, and not only try to prevent further damage to our environment but also seek accountability for those who destroy it for personal ambition and profit.”

Dr Lalit Bhasin

President, Society of Indian Law Firms

“Lawyers have a commitment to maintain, preserve and strengthen Rule of Law and Human Rights. Climate change can play havoc with the very existence and survival of human beings. Lawyers have a duty to ensure proper global environment to avoid any disastrous consequences of adverse climate change. If proper and adequate steps are not taken for a clean and healthy pollution-free environment, the risk for human survival is enormous. Carbon emissions are most notorious in this regard and strict regulations have to be in place to control / eliminate / regulate the carbon emissions.”

Dr David R Boyd

UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment

“Lawyers are blessed with great privilege, which should be accompanied by great responsibility. In the face of an unprecedented global environmental, health and human rights crisis, we should all–law students, lawyers, policy-makers, legislators and judges–be using our power to pursue a just and sustainable world. Yet far too many of us are working in ways that promote injustice and unsustainability or entrench the status quo. Our profession needs transformative change and catalyzing that change is up to us.”

Chunghwan Choi

President, LAWASIA

“Never before has it been so important for lawyers and legal organisations to remain vigilant of our professional and ethical responsibilities to the environment. Indeed, our strength lies in unity. I believe that through shared learning and collaboration we can continually improve our awareness of global climate concerns and build an international legal network focused on advocating for a climate-neutral and sustainable society for all.”

Martyn Day

Senior Partner of Leigh Day & Co, England

“There is no greater risk facing society today than climate change and as a lawyer and individual I feel that puts on my shoulders the responsibility to take every step I can in my working and home lives to reduce carbon emissions.”

Judge Eduardo Ferrer Mac-Gregor Poisot

Judge at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

“Legitimacy of our institutions derives more than ever from taking social responsibility. As representatives of legal systems, we can assume this responsibility by adopting a more holistic, global and intergenerational approach to climate justice.”

Idayat Hassan

Director, Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD), Nigeria

“The escalating threat of extreme weather events, such as droughts or floods, places a large number of Nigerians at risk of a loss of livelihood or falling into poverty. In addition, conflicts over the control of resources are on the rise in Nigeria, most notably between farmers and herders. This competition over land and water, driven by changing climatic conditions, is fueling tension among ethnic group across the country.”

Donald W Kaniaru

Managing Partner, Kaniaru & Kaniaru Advocates, Kenya

“Lawyers are key players in climate action – this embraces environmental management, nature protection, and commitment as they lead in policy formulation, its development into law at global, regional and national levels, and in implementation. Humanity and all life stands threatened unless lawyers stand up to climate challenges on timely basis before self-annihilation of global Earth and systems that have this far sustained us. Responsible climate action is within reach and is the only basis of our survival. It is now or never!”

Judge Prof Helen Keller

Judge at the Constitutional Court of Bosnia & Herzegovina; former Judge at the European Court of Human Rights (2011-2020)

“Global warming poses new challenges for human rights bodies. They are confronted with complex procedures of an international dimension. While human rights bodies were not primarily created to deal with climate change claims, they will play a prominent role in this development. This is where I would like to contribute my experience as a human rights expert.”

Viviana Krsticevic

Executive Director, Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL)

“I support the Pledge because climate action is critical for human rights, and human rights can be an important tool to accelerate our response to the climate emergency. Thus, as a lawyer, I reiterate my commitment to climate action.”

Antonio Oposa Jr

Normandy Chair for Peace

“We need to turn climate change into a climate of real change.”

Prof Anne Peters

Director at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Germany

“Global warming cannot be stopped without international rule-based collective action. As an international lawyer, I feel I should inform people about the available legal options. I aspire to empower my students to make clever legal arguments that can be used by parliaments, diplomats, and courts. And I want to play out my expertise on global animal law to draw the connections between animal exploitation and climate change.”

Prof Paulo Sérgio Pinto de Albuquerque

Full Professor at the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Lisbon; former Judge at the European Court of Human Rights (2011-2020)

Prof Flavia Piovesan

Vice-President of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

“Climate change is a fundamental global challenge which demands fundamental global responsibilities. We share the same risks and threats – but we also share the same essential humanity and crucial responsibility to save the planet and lives, embracing solidarity, justice and human rights for all.”

Caleb Pollard

President, Pacific Islands Students Fighting Climate Change

“Climate change poses an existential threat to the Pacific, we as young advocators and guardians of our region are taking climate action by using the law as a vehicle for accelerating the transformational change we need to fight against climate injustice. By signing on to this pledge, we reaffirm our moral responsibility to protect our past, present and future generations.”

Prof Christina Voigt

University of Oslo, Norway

“Climate science is clear and alarming. Commensurate action to hold climate change to the levels prescribed in the Paris Agreement has to be bold, rapid and sustained. Law is a crucial lever to bring about such action; and soon perhaps the only one left. Appropriate law-making, effective implementation and compliance, legal education, as well as judicial review and dispute settlement are needed to advance effective, fair and timely climate change mitigation and adaptation. In addressing climate change, law and lawyers have a central role, an unprecedented opportunity – and responsibility.”

Institutional Signatories

Institutions in the broadest sense (organizations, businesses, coalitions, NGOs, etc.) can sign and support the Pledge. If you represent an institution interested in doing so, please fill in your details here. For questions and enquiries, please contact us at the following address: institutions@lawyersclimatepledge.org.

Individual Signatories

885Dr. Bitrus Joseph Bulama NigeriaTopnotch Legal Partnership
884Mr. owen mbewe MalawiAI legal action
883Mr. Iga Głażewska PolandHumane Society International/Europe
882Mr. Prakash Mani Sharma Bhusal NepalPM Sharma Academy for Public Interest Law
881Ms. Shivaun Chandiramani United Kingdom
880Dr. Vera Christopeit GermanyPETA Deutschland e.V.
879Dr. Dr Adv cherry Kushwaha IndiaSupreme Court
878Mr. Cedric Opara KenyaCR Advocates LLP
877Ms. Queenita Jemimah Kavaka KenyaKEJUDE
876Ms. PURITY WAMBUA ??Wslaw
875Mr. Barbra Taragon KenyaTele kitur & Company advocates
874Mr. Benedict Oduor KenyaLatewa Community Based Organization
873Mr. George Ngigi KenyaLSK
872Mr. Thadeus Momanyi KenyaOmbachi Advocates
871Dr. Isabelle Giraudou JapanThe University of Tokyo
870Ms. B. Wimmel Germany
869Ms. Nali Wardill Australia
868Mr. CHRISTIAN ALEJANDRO FLORES PLATA MexicoZuñiga Asequibilidad S.C.
867Mr. Chris Phillips AustraliaMediation South West
866Mr. Malgorzata Kieltyka PolandKIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI

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